Bristol’s Creative Happenings – March 23

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Artists, painters, writers, sculptors, dancers, musicians and producers call Bristol home, so it’s little wonder there is an abundance of creative happenings across the city. Whatever your practice, whatever your skill, there’s always something to get your creative juices flowing and inspire your next project.

Getting creative is scientifically proven to be a great antidote to everyday stress as well as improving mood and boosting self-esteem. Tapping into the city’s creative underbelly is a win-win. We’ve found the paint-splattered, ink-stained, sweet-sounding activities in March, across Bristol.


ADORE / Garry Fabian Miller

18th Feb – 28th May

Garry Fabian Miller comes home. Hailed as one of the most inventive photographers of his time, Arnolfini presents a major exhibition of his life’s work. ADORE explores themes of light, colour, nature and the seasons. Work from artists that have inspired him is dotted throughout the exhibition making this a rich tapestry of pottery, print, tapestry and textiles. Not to be missed.

Don’t Hold Back / Ladies Wine & Design

Gather Round Brunswick Square
15th March

Are you ready to step into your power? We’re collaborating with the wonderful Ladies Wine & Design team to host their monthly event Don’t Hold Back. For all who identify as womxn & non-binary individuals, this event is guaranteed to inspire and provoke with discussions around the theme of belonging and being yourself. Events are usually packed with incredible creative women from across sectors in Bristol so it’s a guaranteed good night.

PIP Illustration meet up

The Cider Box
9th March

What do you get when you mix a handful of illustrators, craft cider and some pooches? The Dog Draw, of course! Meet with like-minded folk whilst testing your creative mettle by following a range of drawing prompts. There will be various dogs acting as your model and muse, naturally. Caveat; models tails will wag and noses will wiggle.


Bristol Beacon

18th March

NOODS LEVELS and Bristol Beacon join forces for CrossTalk ‘23; a day of talks and workshops from the best in the business. Designed for those looking to take their next step in the creative sector, the talks cover video game music composition, magazine publishing and releasing music. Workshops from Saffron Records, Bristol Beacon’s in-house tech team and software company Rocketmakers teach the lessons, whilst Noods Radio brings the tunes all day. Best part? It’s all free to attend.

Portal / G. F. SMITH 

16th March

An evening celebrating colour and sound from paper maker extraordinaire’s G. F. Smith. Catch the private viewing of the ‘sensorial sculpture’ celebrating the Colourplan range whilst soaking up the vibe of Dareshack, Bristol’s newest creative space.

Creativity is one of the things that make Bristol magic. It is one of the most creative places in the UK with its artists more than happy to share their talents and inspiration. If you manage to attend all of these activities in March you’ll have dipped your toe in illustration, music production, photography, mural painting, design and more! (And we’ll be very impressed).

Anything we’ve missed out? Let us know and we will add it to the list.

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