Building Creative Resilience



On a warm June night, we launched our brand new event series with an inspiring and timely talk on “Building Creative Resilience”. Our inaugural event sold out in no time*, and it was so motivating to see such a creative and varied group gather with marketers, writers, photographers, agency owners and designers making up the enthusiastic crowd. 

To explore this hot topic, we brought together the great and good of the Bristol creative scene to share their rich knowledge and varied experiences on creative resilience. Our panel featured experts from freelance and small and big agency backgrounds to share a wide perspective. With plenty of time to mingle, enjoy complimentary drinks and eat delicious pizza, the atmosphere was lively, open and excited for the evening ahead. 

*even we were surprised how quickly this event was booked up, and we knew it would be good!

Expertise in the Room 

Spencer Buck, the talented co-founder of Bristol-based design agency Taxi Studio, inspired and entertained the crowd with advice on the importance of remaining resilient in tough times. In an uncertain economic climate, it is easy for clients to be hesitant and opt for an easier path, but Spencer called on creatives to be bold, to stay true to themselves and to believe in the power of their creative integrity. 


A memorable quote ‘Beware the lollipop of mediocracy, lick it once and you’ll suck forever’. A powerful metaphor of the perils of complacency! 

Panel discussions 

After Spencer’s inspiring talk, the event transitioned into a dynamic panel discussion featuring Kendra Futcher of Writing + Thinking and Gareth Evans of 18Sixty. This immensely talented panel tackled a range of questions from the audience, delving into topics such as managing budgets, preserving the essence of creativity, maintaining a balance between client demands and creative integrity, and the controversial issue of whether or not to pitch for free. The conversations were genuine discussions, and the panel fostered an open environment for engaging insights.


The evening kicked off with ample opportunity for attendees to mingle and network before the main event. Stimulating conversations soon worked up everyone’s appetites, leading us to call on Bristol favourites, Pizzarova, to provide fresh margarita pizzas for all. Meanwhile, the fully stocked bar served up chilled beers and drinks. A special shout-out to our event sponsors Positive Drinks, for sharing their refreshing alcohol-free IPA and cider to a very grateful crowd!

Our event space is light, airy full of character and flexible. For information on private hire costs and availability  get in touch.

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This post was written by Daisy Dobson at Brunswick Square.

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