Creative Meetups and Networking Events in Bristol



Build confidence, meet like-minded peers, learn and grow and build a supportive community. There are many reasons why it is a good idea to attend creative meetups and networking events. In a city like Bristol – filled with entrepreneurs and creatives – it’s unsurprising that there are plenty of opportunities. We’ve gathered together some of the best; from tech to marketing, design to start ups, whatever your practice, there is a learning opportunity – with a social to boot – out there.

Why attend a networking event in Bristol?

A creative networking event gives you permission to take some time – that precious currency – to learn something, meet new people and get inspired. Bristol is a melting pot of industry events, conferences and meet-ups designed to gather and create communities and motivate creative freelancers. We’re lucky to be amongst it!

Here’s our round-up of creative meetups and networking events in Bristol.


Rules of Engagement

Monthly events, city centre locations

One for the online marketing and engagement heads – the Rules of Engagement group meet on a monthly basis to chat all things social media, audience development and community management. Twice monthly they host showcase events, inviting local experts to share their wisdom on topics from growing podcasting communities to nailing organic tiktok content.

The Marketing Meetup

Monthly events, various locations

Big-name speakers such as Pinterest and Google alongside marketing heroes lead their virtual and in-person events. Upcoming meetups are focused on the value of creativity, why communities are so much more than social media and making the most of peak sales periods.


Statistics show that 50% of women leave the tech industry before the age of 35. MotherBoard is here to change that. With events such as The Motherhood Penalty and The Barriers of Female Reproductive Health in Creating Gender Equality – they bring uncomfortable topics to the forefront and tackle them head-on.


Monthly walks, Prior Shop

Networking and walking, geddit? A chance to shake the shackles of the desk and wander the streets of Bristol with like-minded business folk. Netwalks were created to allow small businesses to meet and share experiences with one another. Bristol’s edition meets in the city centre at Prior Shop and ends, as all walks should, with coffee and cake in an independent cafe.

Bristol Creatives

Not strictly a meetup, but an online platform and community hub that connects and supports all manner of creatives by signposting, sharing resources, shouting about events and showcasing work.

Off the Clock

Orca, various times

In its infancy but looking very promising, the kickoff event for Off the Clock saw speakers from Bristol businesses and beyond captivate audiences with brand stories and B Corp journeys. They also offered the mic to two local charities to spread their word and collaborated on bespoke beers to raise money. Nice work! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events.

TechSpark Bristol

TechSpark Bristol unites coders, creatives, industry experts, graduates and everyone in between. TechSPARK orchestrate a diverse array of meetups from breakfast networking sessions (Techie Brekkies), evening gatherings centered on specific topics featuring expert panelists and interactive Q&A sessions to inclusive social events that welcome all.

Networking events and Creative meetups provide a valuable chance to expand your horizons, connect with new people and gain inspiration. Bristol hosts something for everyone, from tech enthusiasts to marketing aficionados and creative freelancers. So, whatever your creative endeavor, Bristol’s networking events have you covered.

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