Creative Workshop: Entering the colourful world of Beth Suzanna



Now and again, it pays to step away from the digital and get a little bit of analogue. We all know creativity breeds creativity so when the super-talented Beth Suzanna offered to curate and host a collage workshop at our Cigar Factory location, we jumped at the chance.

Creativity Unleashed 

Beth is a Bristol-based freelance illustrator whose vibrant style and passion for diverse representation have seen her star on the rise for years now. Working within diverse mediums of pastels and collage she creates tactile, imaginative artwork that evokes a sense of emotion that belies the medium. Her work has seen features in an impressive roster of national brands and she works across editorial, design and publishing. Her style is bold and bright and full of colour with a strong, tangible sense of touch and emotion. We love her work!

Beth finds inspiration in everyday moments and the people that surround her. On top of all her freelance work, she has recently published – to wide acclaim – her first children’s book with author Jordan Stephens. Is there anything she can’t do?

The workshop / Snip snip

Beth’s deep-rooted affection for collage was clear from the get-go, she was brimming with enthusiasm to teach us all she knew about the art form.

We lost track of time over nibbles, glasses of wine and mugs of Pukka tea, as Beth taught us the process and art of collage. Piles of coloured papers, some inspiration from the archives and scissors and we were off! Beth talked us through her creative process and gently encouraged our own.

With each snip and arrangement, our pieces gained a life and style, it was a pleasure to be working with our hands and to have crept out from behind a laptop.

We left happy with a newfound respect for collage and a beautiful piece to hang at home. Huge thank you to Beth for artfully managing our creativity and sharing her secrets. We can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

This colourful workshop was a perk for our members and we’ve got an exciting roster of events coming soon. Find out about our Enviral talks, our Ladies Wine & Design event and the infamous Gather Round summer socials.