Creativity and Community: a Love Story

Calling the laptop cafe lover, the kitchen table connoisseur and the battle-weary spare room crew. There’s a new way. A way with the flexibility, community and creativity you need at its centre. And the coffee is (probably) way better.

Shared office spaces have been popping up since San Fran paved the way and a generation of freelancers and startups are flourishing. Offices split across cities and a new approach to flexible working from modern start-ups mean that co-working is here to stay.

Gather Round Resi Area

The benefits of joining a co-working space are as long as your to-do list;

Increased productivity

Spaces designed for your working day and with focus and efficiency in mind. A relaxing, comfortable space to break for a coffee is as important as a heads-down quiet space for deep thinking.


The inspiration of like-minded souls around you and a friend always on hand to give feedback.


Co-working spaces can’t promise lifelong friendships, but they do have chats over coffee and someone to share lunchtime with.

A work-life balance to be proud of

You get to go home! A different place to where you work! Such a novelty!


A whole load of independent, creative businesses looking to work with independent, creative businesses (just like you).

Cost Efficiency

Pay only for the space you need, with the flexibility you need as your business grows into a huge, massive, gigantic billionaire corporation.

Here at Gather Round we knew the benefits of co-working, but we couldn’t find or perfect space here in Bristol. So we decided to create one. A space designed by creatives, for creatives.

GR Cigar Factory

After meeting Fiasco Design and Pixelfish at Gather Round and seeing the incredible work they were capable of, working with them on our launch was a natural choice. They helped the vision for Twelve, our sustainability strategy and communications consultancy, become a reality. - Jess Ferrow, Founder of Twelve

Gather Round; Community, Creativity, Collaboration

Bristol is a city long-known for its celebration of creativity. Tastemaking musicians, culture aplenty and a love of art found from the pavements of Clifton to the patched grass of Turbo Island (if you know, you know).

The decision to build a creative business here was a simple one for our founders Ben and Jason. After a successful start, their design studio Fiasco Design grew quickly and they found themselves moving studios as they expanded. After struggling to find a workspace that wasn’t a corporate office with extortionate rates and a long term contract, the idea of Gather Round was born.

Now our Southville residence at the old Cigar Factory proudly hosts creative thinkers and doers that call it home. Morning coffee chats, lunchtime collabs and a deep understanding and respect of one another is something that has happened naturally. We’ve created a space that allows that all to thrive. We’re soon to be heading north of the river to Brunswick Square to hold host for another incredible bunch of creatives, and we can’t wait.

GR Cigar Factory event

I met Amelie of Duo Hue when she joined Gather Round. She was looking for some imagery to further her brand, it felt like the perfect collaboration. Sharing a space made the planning and creative process easy and the work we produced featured in national press. - Nic Kane, Photographer/Director

Why Gather Round? 


We know what makes a great coworking space. No indoor caravans, tardis-style meeting rooms or beanbags; just beautiful spaces and good design. Roomy co-working areas, permanent desk spaces for freelancers and separate offices for micro-businesses. Whatever your size, we’ve got you.

We’ve crafted break out areas and collab spaces with creatives in mind. Whether you’re musing over an idea, chatting out a project or need a full-blown meeting room to launch your world-takeover plan. We’ve built spaces for collaboration.


Peace of mind is priceless, says the old English proverb (probably). We aim to be as flexible as you need us to be. With Flexi desks, Resi memberships and dedicated studios for small businesses, you’ll find the membership your business needs.

For solo entrepreneurs, micro-businesses or small startups the support of peers is invaluable. Within the community at Gather Round, you’ll find support from like-minded people. A beautiful part of Gather Round has been to watch collaborations flourish, in a personal or professional sphere. We’ve had businesses born from Gather Round and creative collabs aplenty.

Our campfire talks, morning workouts and members breakfasts, fuel the mind and body of all that attend. A day that starts with a croissant amongst friends and ends with a creative discussion on businesses in the climate emergency – is a day well spent.


Here at Gather Round we take design seriously. We choose buildings with character and soul. No beige walls, no-spill carpets and budget-friendly lighting here. Beauty breeds beauty, and we’ve created a space that feels like home. If your home has deep velvet sofas, bespoke shelving and enough plants to start a greenery obsession.


Our latest offering in the beautiful Brunswick Square is almost at the ribbon-cutting stage. We’re excited to neighbour with Bristol greats such as Circomedia, Farro Bakery and Yoga on The Square, all just a stone’s throw away. Temple Meads station can be reached in 15 minutes and you can (almost, but not quite) hear the thrum of the city centre close by. We’ve created a slice of creativity in a building steeped in it. We can’t wait to see the fruits of bringing all those creative heads together unfold. Come with us!

To find out more about memberships or book a tour at Brunswick Square pop us over an email: brunswick@staging-gatherround.kinsta.cloud