Happy To Help!

Locked in. Helping out!

Happy new year people. Yes it’s lockdown 3.0, but we’re trying to stay positive. We can do this.

This week we spoke to Fiasco Design’s Junior Designer, Claudia Aggett about a new project she’s been working on with her friend Maise Benson to support 2021 graduates. As Coronavirus continues to disrupt the lives of students worldwide, Happy to Help invites the creative industry to ‘fly the flag’ in support of the Class of 2021. We’re super proud of our lovely studio member creating such a supportive initiative at a time when we all need to pull together and care for each other.

Having experienced the struggles of being a student during a pandemic, Claudia wanted to lend a helping hand to those going through the same challenges, a year on. After hearing the despair shared by current third-year students after the announcements about England’s 3rd national lockdown, Claudia and B&B Studio Senior Designer Maisie Benson created the ‘Happy to Help’ initiative in just 24-hours.

‘Happy to Help’ is a platform for creatives, willing to give time and energy to help the Class of 2021. Whether it’s offering advice, doing portfolio reviews or discussing how to tackle life after university, we’re here for you!

Maisie Benson says: “Whilst I haven’t had the same experience as Claudia being a student during COVID-19, I’m a big believer in supporting the future of our industry and recognise what a huge impact this situation will have had on current students. We want them to know that the industry is here to help and that we have their backs!”

By encouraging the creative community to fly these colourful flags, they act as a signpost for current students, letting them know that there’s a bunch of design professionals that have thrown open their arms (socially-distanced, of course) and offered support!

Since launching the project, they’ve received a flurry of wonderful responses from a mix of design professionals. From recent graduates to industry experts, including GR residents Gareth Rutter, Felicity Davies, Ben Steers and Jason Smith. Claudia says “I’ll be entering the weekend with my feed filled with flags and a massive smile on my face knowing that so many people are already benefiting”.

download, fly the flag, help out!

If you’d like to get involved, just click the link below, download the assets and get flying!

We love sharing what our members have been up to, especially when they have a positive project to talk about that actively supports the Bristol creative communities.

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