In Motion | Chris Caswell’s Personal Project



Here at Gather Round, we’re lucky to be surrounded by so many creative people forever bursting with new, exciting ideas. None more so than OG Brunswick Square member Chris Caswell. After seeing our newly launched Production Space he decided to press go on a personal project that’s been simmering at the back of his mind for some time…


Gather Round Resident member Chris Caswell is an award-winning Motion Designer and Creative Director. He specialises in main titles and motion graphics for film and TV. With projects for Netflix, Prime, BBC, and more, his work spans an eclectic mix of independent film, TV series, documentaries, and graphics. He also happens to be an all-round excellent person.

The Space

The Production Space at Gather Round is a space to make things happen. For photography, rehearsals, filmmaking, production, workshops, and everything in between. With plenty of space, competitive rates and of course, the Gather Round team upstairs to lend a hand should you need anything.


Chris was looking for the perfect project to expand his filmmaking skills and dive into the world of practical and analogue effects. After stumbling upon the iconic 1983 film VIDEODROME by director David Cronenberg, it felt like a match made in heaven. Collaborating with Cinematographer Freddie Parkin, the duo created a homage title sequence using analogue screens, macro filming techniques and light trails.

The film, which looks at the relationship between humans and technology, allowed the two of them to dive deep into authentic props and unique filming techniques. Chris approached his project like he does all his work; precision planning with room for creativity.

Shoot day

As a Resident member at Gather Round, Chris knew that our Production Space would be perfect for the studio shoot day. Joined by two actors, Chris and Freddie created a fitting aesthetic with a vintage desk and original props. The wide space allowed for plenty of room for manoeuvre and equipment.