Motherboard x Bristol Technology Festival: Championing change for women in tech at our Production Space



Introducing MotherBoard, a transformative initiative in the UK tech sector striving to redefine support for mothers in the workplace. The team joined us in our brand-new Production Space to host a talk on ‘Allyship, women in tech and the barriers of Female* Reproductive Health in creating gender equality’ as part of the Bristol Technology Festival.

Who are Motherboard?

MotherBoard is a Business Charter, Community and Event Series created to drive real change for mums working within the UK tech sector. Founded in 2021, by the team behind the innovators Hey Flow, Motherboard aims to revolutionise the way companies support mothers at work and champion change.

The Event

As part of Bristol Technology Festival, Motherboard invited a host of Bristol companies to a much-needed conversation around female reproductive health in the workplace and what people can be doing to ensure inclusivity and support is front and centre.

Founder Sophie Creese shared some uncomfortable truths and statistics about the absence of understanding and knowledge within the UK tech sector, showing the disparity of fairness and the gap between assumption and actual real-life lived experience. It is a shocking fact to hear that 50% of women in the tech industry leave the sector before 35, with only 24% of the workforce being female in the first place. The important work of the Motherboard Charter aims to change this.

Attendees got an interactive introduction to female reproductive health in the workplace, with practical advice on what it means to be an ally and how to bring action to the work environment.

Customising the space

The team at Motherboard and Hey Flow are clearly doing really good things and we’re happy to be a part of their journey. Our new Production Space was the blank canvas they needed, adding their own branding allowed the space to feel their own without distracting from their important message. The seating, screen and private entrance made things super easy for the event hosts and our city centre location meant it was a full house!

Private Hire at Gather Round

The Gather Round Production Space is available to book for your creative project. From talks and events to film shoots, screenings and parties – we’ve had it all. We’re always keen to hear how we can make the space work for you. Get in touch with your ideas and we can make it happen.

The Gather Round space
is beautiful and gave us the room we needed

Alice Florrie

Project Manager

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