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Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is a recognised global movement; a time to advocate for women’s rights, raise awareness, galvanise action and highlight women’s achievements. Here at Gather Round, we’re lucky to be surrounded by an amazing roster of incredible women making waves in their fields. For #IWD we’re excited to shine a light on some of our amazing GR members and applaud the invaluable contributions they make in their careers. Creative, ambitious, successful and friendly to boot, they make Gather Round the place it is.

Today, we’re proudly highlighting a podcast producer, a writer, a graphic designer, a founder of a sustainability company, a visionary from the British Blanket Company and an interior experience designer…

Bethan John – Founder of British Blanket Company

Founder and creative force behind the renowned luxury brand British Blanket Company, Bethan is a true champion of British manufacturing and sustainability. Alongside her brother Joe, Bethan celebrates timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship producing beautiful collector’s-item blankets. With an award-winning business and a successful previous career in interior journalism, Bethan stands out in whatever she does.


Femke Campbell – Senior Graphic Designer at Crack Magazine

Femke mans the helm at Crack, renowned as the UK’s foremost independent music and culture print magazine. Leading the small but perfectly formed team in spotlighting artists musicians and changemakers in the industry. Beyond traditional print media, Femke frequently collaborates with emerging filmmakers and artists on short films and music videos. She also shares her knowledge as a tutor for NOODS Levels Tracking, mentoring aspiring graphic designers and nurturing young creatives.

Hari Milburn – Interior Experience Designer

Founder of Burn Design, Hari specialises in commercial Interior Design for retail, hospitality, and events and has outdoor projects with Forestry England, Compton Verney and Modern Synthesis under her belt. With a passion for the outdoors, sustainability is at the core of all she does. Hari has turned her love of cycling into an active strand of her business, hosting cycling events, leading rides and also launching Trash Cats – cycling ‘clean-up’ events for trash free trails.

Jessica Ferrow – Co-founder at Twelve

Jessica, founder of Twelve, has a passion for catalysing positive change. Through Twelve, she’s made it her mission to inspire and empower brands through insightful reports, strategic guidance and B Corp support. Alongside making the world a better place through business, she mentors young women seeking to enter the sustainability industry, is a nature facilitator and a forest bathing practitioner.

Rema Mukena – Audio producer & DJ

As a versatile creative, associate lecturer and podcast producer, Rema wears many hats. Named as one of the most influential people in Bristol under the age of 24 by Rife Magazine, Rema uses her platform to influence having previously collaborated with Channel 4 and the V&A London to champion inclusivity in museums. Find her helping brands tell their story at 18Sixty Productions or catch her championing her sound on the likes of NTS, NOODS and Reprezent Radio or if you’re lucky, DJing as part of the Club Djembe collective.

Kendra Futcher – Copywriter & strategic thinker

In a world filled with words, Kendra understands the challenge of being heard amidst the noise. With her strategic approach and vast experience as a copywriter and thinker, she empowers her clients to find exactly what they need to say (before articulating it perfectly). With clients spanning non-profits, think tanks and prominent organisations, Kendra Futcher knows no bounds.

We’re privileged to have a remarkable community of women who are breaking barriers and making their mark in their various industries. From Femke’s innovative graphic design to Bethan’s commitment to sustainability, Hari’s creative interior designs, Jessica’s impactful business for good, Rema’s influential voice in storytelling and Kendra’s strategic brilliance in words – each of them embodies creativity, resilience and empowerment.

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