Revitalise 2020: Pioneering in a Pandemic

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Gather Round members, Studio Floc have been working on an exciting project for The Church Revitalisation Trust (CRT), a UK charity set up to drive the revitalisation of church grounds through new planting country-wide. Their mission is to breathe new life into our churches and their surroundings for the good of local communities.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, CRT pioneered Love Your Neighbour (@_loveyourneighbour_), a nationally recognised campaign with a bold vision to help the most isolated and vulnerable in the UK. In 2020, as a result of the campaign, 4 million meals were donated, 50,000 phone calls were made to those in isolation and at Christmas and 1 million gift boxes were given to those most in need.
The campaign gained a huge amount of momentum with support from well-known figures including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Labour Leader Keir Starmer and Chelsea footballer Olivier Giroud.

Studio Floc were commissioned to bring the story of Love Your Neighbour to life along with other stories of hope in CRT’s annual Revitalise magazine. The concept for the magazine was titled ‘Inspiring Change’. During 2020, the Church adapted, pioneered and inspired people to care for one another like never before, so Studio Floc wanted to honour this through the design.

They wanted to challenge stereotypical preconceptions that the Church is boring and closed through the use of contemporary type, punchy colours and engaging layouts. This fresh and bold approach to design conveyed the Church’s modern approach and ability to listen and whole-heartedly respond to its local communities.

2,000 copies of the magazine were published in December and sent out to Churches within the CRT network to encourage more great work in 2020 and inspire them to keep pioneering in 2021.

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