Studio Iris Launch

Studio Iris

This week, Flexi member Niketa spoke to us about the recent rebrand of her business and newly named, Studio Iris which launched in January 2021.

Founder Niketa has been working under the name Niketa Tripp Design for the last five years. During this time, she has focused on building her business whilst exploring her approach, working out exactly what she loves to do and getting great results.

Studio Iris is an opportunity to put everything she’s learned into practice and a springboard for new work and new growth. A branding and design studio, Studio Iris use the power of colour to create inspiring identities for independent businesses. In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess and personification of the rainbow – Niketa’s mission is to bring brands to life by putting colour first.

Studio Iris

She says “ I spend my days designing brands for independent businesses, and I love what I do. For me, design is about more than just getting the job done. It’s about connecting with clients on a personal level, working through pain points, and creating great outcomes. I know how much goes into running your own business, so I want to make it easier for them, creating everything they need to bring the brand they’ve dreamed of into the world. Oh, and I have a thing for colour too.”

We are loving the rebranding of Studio Iris and can’t wait to see the fab work Niketa produces over the coming year. Also, great colour inspo!

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Studio Iris