Why a part-time office could be the best decision you make in 2022

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Is a part-time office in a co-working space for you? Whether you’ve been rocking the kitchen table for too long or lockdowns have shown you that traditional office life is a thing of the past, it could be time to switch things up.

In a post-Covid world, the working landscape has changed for many and everyone seems to have reached the same conclusion; we don’t have to go back to the way things were. We can build a new way of working, one that fits way better than the old one. For start-ups, small businesses and creative freelancers, a part-time office offers a huge amount of benefits. We spoke to the creatives that call Gather Round home and asked them what they think the benefits of a part-time office are…

Save Pennies 

Let’s get straight to business. A part-time office is going to save you a significant sum of money, vital when running your own business. There is no risk of pesky hidden fees or any surprise costs that being a landlord brings. In a co-working space, you only pay for the space you need so whether you’re a team of one and need a desk a couple of days a week or a small company in need of a private space with the flexibility to invite freelancers, a part-time office means you only pay for what you want.

At Gather Round our prices reflect the incredible spaces we create, and that you get to call home. Within our monthly packages comes a whole host of extras including morning workouts, on-site support from our Community Manager and complimentary beverages and condiments.


Or as we prefer to call it, collaboration, baby. Looking for a web designer, copywriter or brand strategist? They might be sitting right next to you. At a part-time office space, you get to know a whole host of brilliant people at the top of their game who might be perfectly placed to help you and your business grow. Of course, you might be the answer to somebody’s prayers too. A co-working space is a great opportunity to meet like-minded businesses that might just need your business.

Gather Round’s newly minted Brunswick Square has already seen collabs blossom beautifully. Cigar Factory has bred partnerships aplenty and we couldn’t be prouder that our space has made it happen. We’ve brought together some great, creative minds and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they all get on!


Bend it Like Beckham  

Flexible plans, flexible costs and flexible space…you could say that part-time offices are…flexible. When you’ve got plenty of options around you, if your team grows overnight by five people, your space can grow with you. As a small or medium business, having the ability to change quickly and with reasonable costs makes everything that bit easier.

At Gather Round, we know how important flexibility is and our memberships reflect that. From full-time Resident and Flexi desk spaces to private studios, we’re proud to offer options that creatives need. Contracts are monthly and rolling, meaning as your business moves and grows, so does your space.


In it Together 

Running your own business can get lonely at times and a ready-made collection of peers surrounding you can be a huge help. The inspiration of like-minded creatives knows no bounds and it’s a thrill knowing you’ve got a host of people with incredibly diverse skill sets next to you

Back to School

Sharing knowledge is what it is all about. Many part-time office spaces in Bristol offer the chance for members to get together and shout about what they’re up to. Presentations, workshops or panel discussions add a benefit to you and your team.

Here at Gather Round we host monthly campfire meetings, giving members a chance to get together, share what they’re working on, best practices and hints and tips to thrive in a creative industry. They’re informal meet-ups, no power points here, and mean that members get to know one another even better.

A part-time office with flexibility, creativity and community at its heart. Gather Round offers private studios, resident desks and Flexi memberships to suit you, whatever your stage of business. Drop us a line if you want to grab a coffee and look around our spaces.


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