Meet the Members: David James



This week we caught up with Resident member David James – nope not the footballer – even better!  David is a digital designer and developer, covering all aspects of UX, design and production, working with and advising some big name brands such as Lloyds and Volvo.

Straight talker, Welshman and genuinely lovely guy – David joined us back in October 2019 so it was ‘about time’ we made this happen! Read on to find out what an average day looks like for David, who is currently inspiring him and the tools he can’t live without.


Can you tell us what you do and what an average work day looks like?

I’m a designer with a focus on digital, I’ve been working a lot with WordPress recently as well as some UX and design for several business accelerator programmes.

I’ve got a healthy mix of clients who I work with in different capacities so my days can be a mixed bag depending on what I’ve currently got on. I typically try to get a few hours a day where I can focus on work uninterrupted.


Who is inspiring you at the moment and why?

I’ve recently discovered an artist called Richard Anderson who has been inspiring me to try and get backing drawing and illustration a bit more.

And Tom Cruise…


What excites you most about the creative process?

The creative part! I like working with ideas.


What are you watching/reading at the moment?

I like to read either trashy sci-fi or historical fiction. I’m currently reading The Outcasts of Time by Ian Mortimer which is a rare blend of the two.

I’m constantly behind with my TV watching so I’ve only just started catching up on Stranger Things. The Six Nations is in full swing so I’ll try and watch as much of that as I can get away with.


What kit/tools can you not live without?

My computer(s)! And my iPad, but I still like to do a lot of my preliminary sketching on paper so I always like to have a sketchbook and pencil to hand.