Meet the Members: Enviral

Joss Ford is the founder and CEO at Enviral – a full service brand, content and digital agency helping ethical companies tell their social and environmental stories.  

A real force of nature, Joss and the Enviral team contribute an abundance of positive energy to the Gather Round community.  They’ve taken up residency in one of our private studios, you can just about see them through the plethora of plants!

This week we talk work, music and Joss shares his top tips in an effort to help individuals and businesses become more sustainable.

Can you tell us what you do and what an average workday looks like?

I wake up early doors, inevitably look on Instagram to see if we’ve gone viral (and look at funny dog videos). I cycle to the office, coffee hard and have a team catch up. We’re based at Gather Round but also have Miles our Head of Production in Amsterdam and Joe our Head of Digital in Leeds.

Spotify creeps into the mix around 1pm, normally a mix of electronic music and then things get a little less rowdy with some bands / acoustic music early afternoon.

We’re big fans of inspo sessions with both independent research in books, blogs and podcasts but also scrolling through trends on social. My days are usually pretty varied, but you know I’m strategy-ing hard when I’ve got my office strategy slippers on.


What excites you most about the creative process?

Good question. I’d say that feeling of the initial brainstorm which unravels a load of different directions you could go through. That’s always a great feeling when you have the team bouncing ideas of what it could be, the emotions we want viewers or the client to feel after being immersed. That initial unknown is really exciting for me – and I love seeing where it ends up!

What are you listening to/watching at the moment?

I’m still loving Nick Mulvey’s climate-focused record, so we’re always playing his EP made from ocean plastic from Cornwall. That’s pretty rad – but also our ‘Music With Enviral’ playlists which feature the likes of Cat Empire (Emma), Caribou (Ed) and Ben Harper (Me) are always a favourite of mine.

Watching: I’ve just watched The Game Changers documentary, which was super inspiring and featured an influencer we’re working with at the moment, among other epic people.

Sustainability can be confusing, right? Get talking about the climate crisis - have conversations (not arguments) with friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues.

What kit/tools can you not live without?

I have a bit of a reputation for being a bit app-happy. I love them. I’d say my favourites are: Monday.com, WhatsApp, Slack, Spotify, Audible, Instagram, InVision, Drive, Menti, Facebook, Headspace, Xero, Adobe Suite, Fat Llama, LinkedIn, Borrow My Doggy……THE LIST GOES ON!

Anything you’re working on at the moment that’s exciting you?

We’ve just finished a project with the Met Office which we can finally reveal. This has been a great test getting to the core of a multinational organisation who are leading the way in climate modelling. We initially thought they were just the guys who told us the weather, but we quickly found out they do so much more with over 1,500 staff in their Exeter office alone. Our project saw us travelling the country and doing a series of videos highlighting the amazing things their staff do and how this affects our lives.

What top tips can you offer to individuals or businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable?

Sustainability can be confusing, right? In my opinion, it’s all about the community that you’re part of. Get talking about the climate crisis – have conversations (not arguments) with friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues – don’t judge others opinions but instead see how you can influence them to be more socially and environmentally focused.

Tips? There are the classics – buy local, buy less, buy better, cut out the meat, cycle to work, use public transport, grow your own fruit/veg and compost. Still with me?

Convenience is king and there are some really easy ways to get sustainable. Firstly switch to 100% renewable energy – check out Good Energy, they are great and if you’re confused about sourced energy, look for REGOs to guarantee your green energy is legit.

Also, have you thought about writing a letter to your local MP? It’s time to shake things up, and your local government needs to see your support, not just at climate marches and online petitions. Go direct. Demand more. You can find out who to contact at ‘They Work For You‘.

Banking. Yep, it’s bad. Switch your banking to Triodos. They’re epic.

Now onto the trees. Plant and protect trees in the UK and abroad. Take a look at Cool Earth, they protect existing forests and are truly great, and also the Woodland Trust who will be planting trees on your doorstep. Alternatively head to our website, sign up to our newsletter and we’ll do that for you! (#ShamelessPlug)

Thanks for the chat Joss!  For more information about Enviral and their services, head over to their website or why not drop the team a message directly: hello@enviral.co.uk.