Meet the Members: Harriet Wilson



Welcome Harriet! Therapist, mindfulness coach and founder of Project Thrive, Harriet coaches and supports creatives and entrepreneurs like us who are struggling to navigate the anxieties of modern life, and get our mental health in shape.

Harriet brings with her a calming, gentle demeanour and an air of positivity.  And let’s not forget Goldie the dog, who is very much a Gather Round member in her own right!

We chat Wim Hof, Ruby Wax and Harriet shares some important mindfulness advice.


Can you tell us what an average work day looks like?

I usually start the day with a cold shower and some Wim Hof breathing which is like a reset button for your brain and a real jolt into the present!

At the moment I’m studying towards the next level of certification as a therapist and mindfulness coach, so I tend to do short bursts of study followed by mini meditation breaks to refocus – I quite often have a nap in the afternoon too!

The highlight of my day is seeing clients – it can be very energising. And for my dog Goldie, it’s coming into Gather Round.


Anything you’re working on at the moment that’s exciting you?

I’ve been working with The Prince’s Trust for a while as a business mentor.  I tend to work with each young person for a year and support them on their journey from initial idea to business launch. The biggest transformation is in their confidence, which is so rewarding to see.


What are you listening to/reading at the moment?

I absolutely love Ezra Furman’s soundtrack to the Netflix show Sex Education and I often have Ruby Wax in my headphones – her approach to mindfulness is so accessible whilst making you laugh.

I’ve been re-reading Intelligence in the Flesh by the neuroscientist Guy Claxton. It’s all about the mind-body connection and how our mind needs our body much more than it thinks.


What kit/tools can you not live without?

An aeropress and the first coffee of the morning!  My dog Goldie, my journal and my mindfulness practice – which can take shape as vipassana meditation, yoga, breath-work, gardening, dancing or anything else that makes me feel embodied.


If you were to share just one piece of mindfulness advice, what would it be?

In today’s “always on” society, emotional resilience and the ability to switch off is a superpower. We all have more agency over our thoughts than we think and if we flex the muscle a little bit every day, it can be a real game changer to our overall wellbeing.

My advice is to choose a practice that works for you and take small steps each day to build on it and bolster your mental health. You don’t need to go and meditate in a cave to become more mindful and feel calmer!


Why did you choose Gather Round?

My surroundings are really important to my wellbeing so the design and feel were a big factor. But more importantly, the community spirit and being surrounded by such an interesting bunch of like minded people leaves me feeling inspired each day.

Thank you Harriet! If you’re keen to find out about the benefits of a 1:1 coaching programme and how it all works, why not book an initial consultation or head over to the Project Thrive website for more info.