Meet the Members: Niketa Tripp



Niketa Tripp thinks in colour. Shades and hues are at the forefront of all decisions when managing her Branding and Design agency; Studio Iris. Niketa uses the psychology and power of colour to create inspiring identities for independent businesses. Her knack for a colour palette is second to none! We caught up and discussed getting to grips with a brand, where to eat in Bristol and how Niketa almost opened her own coworking space before joining us at Gather Round!

Can you tell us what you do and what an average workday looks like?

I run Studio Iris, a branding and design studio. I work with independent brands to create their visual identity from branding and web design to marketing assets. I start the day with a workout at Starks Gym. it’s the only time without a laptop so that seems like a treat. Then I come to Gather Round, I take a seat in the sunny quiet area which is lovely and bright. I work through emails and then get stuck into client work, this can be working through a branding project or designing a brands website.



What excites you most about the creative process?

First I love to uncover the brand. I work with lots of really inspiring business owners, they have great ideas and plans but need help to make them ready for the real world. Finding out their purpose and values and turning this into visuals makes the process more meaningful. Creating colour palettes is one of my favourite parts of the branding process, exploring different routes and thinking about how this will make the audience feel. Working on the full package of branding through to marketing is so exciting, you can really show off the brand on all different platforms!


Do you have any branding pet peeves?

Black and white. I mean, I know it’s right for some things, but I just love colour!



What kit/tools can you not live without?

Laptop and planner, coffee, and earphones, music makes the mood for the day and can really focus my mind on projects.


Anything you’re working on at the moment that’s exciting you?

I love all my projects! I’m designing the website for a new petite fashion brand called The Shortlist and a new vegan burger bar in London. I have worked on these projects through Bristol-based brand consultancy Reform Branding, it’s been great to collaborate with a team.

I have recently launched The Launch Package with my sister who is the founder of marketing agency Weekend:IN. It gives brands the full package to launch their brand. We work on visual identity, brand messaging and marketing strategy to deliver a service that ensures all of their key elements are aligned. We created this as we sometimes work separately on brand and marketing and have often come into a project at different stages know how important it is to have a considered approach to branding and marketing right from the beginning. We have just launched our first project Leaven and it is great to see this project grow.



Why did you choose to come to Gather Round?

Well a bit of a funny story! A friend, my sister and I wanted to set up a coworking space, after living in London, Berlin and New York, we knew that the coworking spaces in Bristol weren’t living up to what we wanted. We started the process and planning of how we could create a coworking space and created a brand (and no lie) we named it Gather Here, it was going to be a creative coworking space.

As we were about to launch our event series we noticed Gather Round had opened! I  checked it out and it was everything we wanted to do. We didn’t go ahead with the event series as it kind of stumped us. Then a member of the team moved to London, so that put a hold on the idea. I then joined Gather Round as it was everything I needed in a workspace. It looks great and it is an inspiring place to work with the best community and vibes. The only thing it didn’t have that we planned to have was a bar! 😉

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Niketa! If you want to find out more about Studio Iris and perhaps work together, check out their website.

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