Meet the Members: Sara Archer

Creative Producer Sara Archer joined the Gather Round family this year at our Southville residence the Cigar Factory.

Her portfolio of shorts and feature films, documentaries, commercials and broadcasts all have one thing in common; powerful stories. Sara’s knack for hunting out the personal and human in a tale is second to none. Mother to a fresh babe and Southville’s greatest dog Disco, Sara is a keen attendee of Gather Round’s socials, and we couldn’t be happier that she is one of the team.

We caught up on what it was like to move to a new city just before the pandemic, the crazy world of TV & Film production and (most importantly) Sara’s beautiful pooch Disco.

Sara Archer CF

Can you tell us what you do and what an average workday looks like?

My days can look pretty different! One of the things I love most about working in film is that my work is massively varied on a day to day basis. It could range from prepping for a shoot, casting calls, development to a day overseeing edits. In between work I’ll either be hanging at Windmill City Farm with my daughter or taking our dog for a stroll.

Disco the Dog CF

How have you found the transition from London to Bristol in terms of work?

It didn’t pan out exactly how I imagined as we moved to Bristol a few months before the pandemic but I’ve been really fortunate to work on some exciting projects during the last couple of years. London will always be a hub for the industry but I feel like there has definitely been a shift to decentralise TV & Film to places like Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow and Manchester which is mega and super important for upcoming talent.

What are you watching/reading at the moment?

I’m reading Breast and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami at the moment. I’ve also started re-watching Succession. After a busy day, I do have a bit of a penchant for binge-watching some trash telly.

Sara Archer detail shot

What excites you most about the creative process?

As a creative producer I love to make concepts and ideas on paper a reality. Bringing together a crew whose skills bring everything to life really excites me. I recently co-produced a BFI Network funded short film and felt so lucky to be surrounded by so many individually talented people.

In my commercial and documentary work I feel super passionate about giving a platform and a voice to people, groups or stories that in the mainstream media may go unheard. It is also incredibly important to ensure there is diverse casting across the board. One thing documentary projects lend that scripted doesn’t, is the teetering unpredictability of filming with real people. There’s nothing like being on location with a tight-knit crew not being completely sure of how things will go, and sometimes the interview will completely blow you away.

There’s nothing like being on location with a tight-knit crew not being completely sure of how things will go.

Disco the Dog CF

What kit/tools can you not live without?

My phone.

Anything you’re working on at the moment that’s exciting you?

I have just wrapped a LGBTQ+ comedy called “The Rev” backed by the BFI Network, written and directed by my talented friend Fabia Martin, who I’ve also recently co-created a TV pilot with. Our pilot is based on an incredible true story of an 11 year old joining the UK traveller community in the early 80s. Looking forward, I’d love to be involved in more projects that are driving forward positive social and environmental change.

Sara Archer CF

Where is your favourite place to eat in Bristol?

Sonny Stores has the most incredible Italian menu and the food and drinks are banging. The Spotted Cow roast dinner is also up there, especially as it’s round the corner from our house!

What’s your favourite colour?

Hmm…purple 🙂

Sara Archer CF

Why did you choose to come to Gather Round?

My husband and I were both working from a tiny desk crammed into our hallway, very Harry Potter-esque.  He actually went for a tour of GR before me and told me about the space. When I took a look around I realised it was perfect. It feels really good to be surrounded by creatives in such a beautiful space, and such a contrast from the lush chaos of my house.

Thanks for the catch-up Sara! If you’d like to check out some of Sara’s recent work head over to her website. Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get to know all things Gather Round and meet more of our creative members.