Meet the Members: Soello

This week we caught up with the very lovely Ellie Wright, founder of Soello. Soello are all things social, supporting businesses and brands with their social strategy, content and advertising.

Based in one of our private studios, Ellie has added her creative flair, transforming the space into a super stylish haven. We talk work, music and Ellie shares some valuable social media advice.


Can you tell us what you do and what an average work day looks like?

I take care of project management, coming up with new and exciting strategies, meeting with clients and all the general admin stuff you’ve got to do when running a business!

I usually start my day by journaling and visualisation.  Someone once told me it’s a good way to reset and get all your thoughts out (negative and positive).  The visualising thing allows me to see the bigger picture and start putting things in place for good. 

Apart from that, I grab a coffee, catch up with the team for 15 minutes in the morning and then the day really starts.  I usually end my day at the boxing gym and I’ve recently gone vegan so I’ll head home and try to strum up something yummy to have for dinner.

Think about how the content will make your audience think or feel. Does it reflect you, your brand or your message?

What kit/tools can you not live without?

Definitely my MacBook Pro!  It allows me to travel and still be connected (if I need to be). 

What excites you most about the creative process?

I think creativity comes in many forms.  For me personally, it’s an amazing feeling when you’re tasked with a business goal and develop creative strategies to overcome or deliver that goal.  On the other hand, constantly developing a business, growing a team is also an enjoyable creative process. As well as serving our clients with results through engaging and exciting outcomes, it’s also super important for me to create a strong culture where you love what you do, it’s enjoyable to spend your day with people that have similar values and creative beliefs.  All those things put together are sometimes hard to come by but through creativity you can bring people and ideas together.


Anything you’re working on at the moment that’s exciting you?

We’ve got some really exciting projects on the go at the moment but we’re most looking forward to Taste of London where we’ll be supporting a drinks brand with live content and production.  As well as that, we’re doing a bit of our own brand development which has been a very lengthy, thought-out and refined process so far. We’re excited to share the ‘new Soello’ with you soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

What are you listening to/watching at the moment?

The albums on repeat in the studio at the moment are Love Songs: Pt Two by Romare, Shona by Jake Chudnow and Prender el Alma by Nicola Cruz.  As far as TV goes, I do tend to binge on rubbish but Young Offenders is making me laugh, The Game Changers on Netflix was pretty mind blowing and looking forward to getting into the new season of The Crown.


What’s your favourite colour?

I’m quite plain with colours to be honest.  Brights aren’t really my thing. I usually stick to blacks, greys, whites, beige, khaki, forest green, blues.  I love a bit of khaki these days, anything khaki I seem to gravitate towards…

Where is your favourite place to eat in Bristol?

I’m Bristol born and bred so I’ve been to (almost) every restaurant shamefully.  At the moment, I’m spending a lot of time at my good friends Restaurant and Bar, Snobby’s in Cotham.  I do love Bosco on Whiteladies Rd for awesome Italian and Ramen Ya for Ramen (obviously) on Gloucester Rd.  I live very close to Masa + Mezcal on Stokes Croft which is very dangerous due to their amazing Mezcal Margaritas.  My last favourite and go-to is Bird in Hand in Long Ashton for the best roast in Bristol (in my opinion!). 

If you were to share just one piece of social media advice, what would it be?

Take a moment to step back before pressing ‘post’, think about how the content will make your audience think or feel.  Does it reflect you, your brand or your message? It’s a very competitive space nowadays so do make sure it’s quality over quantity.

If I’d have to share one more, it would have to be; be consistent, always.

If you’d like to find out more about Soello and the services they offer, head over to their website or drop Ellie and the team a line at hello@soello.com.