Meet the Members: Studio Floc



Florence is one half of Studio Floc, an award-winning design agency, specialising in branding and print design.

After Florence joined the Gather Round family last month, we sat down with her to talk about their work, creative process and what tools she can’t live without.


Can you tell us what you do and what an average workday looks like?

I’m a graphic designer and one half of Studio Floc.

Everyday looks a bit different but it always starts with a coffee.  I then crack on with the planning and doing of daily design tasks. Making things look pretty takes quite a lot of brain power, so I’ll often take a turn and grab some fresh air to find my inspo.

Anything you’re working on at the moment that’s exciting you?

We’re working on some ace projects at the moment, including a leadership conference that’s being held at the Royal Albert Hall next year.  We’re also working with a business tech start up called Amatis who are making some innovative moves in the business training sphere.

What excites you most about the creative process?

When we’ve taken a brand project all the way from concept through to completion and it’s now being used and enjoyed in the real world.

What are you listening to/watching at the moment?

My musical taste is eclectic but I currently have Vulfpeck on repeat to keep the concentration going, and then when I get to enjoy a cheeky night in: I can’t get enough of Explained on Netflix – I love a good documentary.

What kit/tools can you not live without?

I get really excited about creativity, but I also get excited about efficiency – I don’t know where we would be without Active Collab, which helps us to keep all of our projects running smoothly.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Bristol?

My favourite place to eat in Bristol is Souk Kitchen, which is dangerously near Gather Round, (oh well!).

Find out more about Studio Floc and their work here.